Learn About Islam

O People of the Book! Come to a common Word between us and you that we will worship none but God

Quran, 3:64

Maryam Masjid is involved in several educational programs about Islam where we provide our non-Muslim brothers and sisters with accurate information and dispel popular stereotypes and persistent misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. We also offer several educational seminars and one-on-one sessions related to Islam to non-Muslims, including periodically setting up informational booths at local malls and street fairs. We offer free literature, including brochures, copies of Quran, books on the basics of Islam, as well as the opportunity to interface directly with Muslims who are willing to answer any questions.

Are you interested in learning about Islam? Please contact us below! We’d love to have you come visit our mosque or connect you to your local Muslim neighbors who can help answer any of your questions in a pressure-free environment.